As a founding member of TİSK (Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Associations) MESS, is structured to support member companies to become more productive and highly qualified, to enable them to get successful results in the midst of a turbulent, dangerous, and rapidly changing economic, technological and social environment.

Bodies of the Association are capable of adapting themselves and responding to the changing conditions. The bodies are organized to provide a general consistency and to reach to a joint purpose. The administrative bodies do not have a command-and-control structure but a structure to form a platform for dialogue, exchange of ideas and coordination among the equals.

Every executive body of the association functions as a democratic forum for the members, for allowing them to collaborate with one another, openly discuss any issues they have, and reach a consensus on problems.


Özgür Burak AKKOL Chairman of the Board
Hasan Özcan AYDİLEK Vice Chairman
Bora KOÇAK Vice Chairman
Erkan M. KAFADAR Board Member
Ayşe ARKAN Board Member
İ. Aykut ÖZÜNER Board Member
E. Tuna ARINCI Board Member
Ayhan ÖZEL Board Member
Engin MEYDAN Board Member